JPEGCrops contact

Is there anybody out there?

Sorry, I messed up!

I haven't had the mental surplus to maintain JPEGCrops for some years. That's okay in itself, but what's not okay is that I haven't been answering emails about JPEGCrops for nearly the same amount of time. I am sorry about that.

I am still a bastard about it

Answering emails about JPEGCrops something I try to do, but it does take a lot of energy. Chances are you'll get no answer back.

No more development

I have switched to Ubuntu, which I should have done years ago, and programming for a single platform is a dead end for me. Should I find the energy, I would start over with RoboCrop, but it has been ages since I did anything with a graphical front end.

BTW: JPEGCrops works fine under Wine, although it looks like a program from 10 years ago :-)

The internet does not forget

JPEGCrops will, pending any lawsuits in this fucked up world of software patents, be hosted by me indefinitely. I have pages from 1996 still online and am kinda OCD about preserving bits, so my guess it that it will take a falling piano or old age for JPEGCrops to disappear.