JPEGCrops future

Welcome to the time machine

Current plans

While I've been lazy, the competition has improved. Filenames & captions based on EXIF data, lossless cropping and red-eye removal are more or less standard. Nifty features like nearly lossless red-eye removal and caption insertion has been introduced - take a look at BetterJPEG for that one. Evenso, JPEGCrops is still - as far as I know - the only program that handles multiple images like it does.

So, what now? First of all I'll try and make a stable version of JPEGCrops. Then I'll spend some time rewriting most of the code, as it needs a lot of restructuring in order to do what I want.

What I'm aiming for

Integrated browsing
Instead of adding images, the user can simply browse directories and choose to leave the images or crop them. This requires handling of several thousand of images at once (current limit due to the way Windows handles resources is around 150) and fast preview/load of the images.
A feature for experts: Instead of using integrated browsing, it should be possible to add images as it it done now and to save the list of selected images for another time.
JPEGCrops should remember the settings for the individual images.
Red-eye removal
Minimal recompression, which means just the area around the eyes, and some sort of semi-automatic detection and elimination of red eyes is the goal.
Caption insertion
Again the goal is semi-lossless manipulation. Captions based on filename, EXIF data or just manually entered text should be possible.

Potential new functionality

Potential interface enhancements

Bugs to squash

Discarded ideas

Add borders to the image if the croparea is too large.
JPEGCrops isn't PhotoShop. The functionality is too specialized.
Small previews (like Vallen Jpegger).
That goes against the idea of JPEGCrops. It makes it neccessary for the user to mentally switch between two ways of viewing images.