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JPEGCrops isn't the only program that offer comfortable cropping. You might find one of the programs on this page more to your taste.

Lossless, freeware for cropping and rotating, $20 shareware for other functions, english and german language. The format can be specified by the user. cPicture can do a lot more than just cropping.
Lossless, nearly lossles red-eye removal and caption insertion. English language, shareware $23.95
Lossy, $15, english language only. Requires that the images are in the aspect 4:3, only converts to 3:2 and gives limited control of the crop area.
EasyCrop (OSX)
Lossy, shareware $12, english language only. Drag'n'drop interface that seems very easy to use.
Lossy, freeware, english language only. Add-on for Paint Shop Pro.
Lossless, freeware, czech and english language. Source code for Delphi provided. The choice of formats is limited til 3:2 and 4:3.
Lossless, freeware, english language. JPEGCrop was the inspiration for JPEGCrops and made by the man who wrote most of the code for JPEGTran.
ljcrop (Unix)
Simple frontend for JPEGTran, english only, freeware, open source Tcl.
Lossless, freeware, german language only. The choice of formats is limited to 9x13, 10x15, 13x18 and 20x30 cm.
Lossless, freeware, english and german. PixumUp is a combination image manipulator and uploader for the Pixum online print service. It only crops to 3:2.

Please tell me if I've missed your favorite cropping program.

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