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Version 0.7.5 beta exe zip
Translated to danish, english, finnish, german, polish, portuguese, galician and japanese.
Partly translated to czech, dutch, french, hungarian and italian. April 5. 2006

New in 0.7.5 beta

  • Feature: Added selection store and recall

New in 0.7.4 beta

  • Language: Added translation to japanese (thanks to Tilt)

New in 0.7.3 beta

  • Language: Polish translation is now 100%

What's next?

Take a look at the future for what I plan to do.


Using the installer-version

Download the exe-file and run it.

The only thing to consider is whether all users on the machine should share JPEGCrops settings or if they should each have their own settings.

Please be adviced that the installer-version does add uninstall-information to the registry. Upgrading over a previous version of JPEGCrops will not erase settings.

Using the ZIP-version

The ZIP-version is for those that prefer to be in full control. It also has the added benefit that the registry will not be touched at all.

Download and unpack the ZIP archive to a folder of your choice and start JPEGCrops.exe. If you're upgrading from an older version, your settings will be preserved.

If the program is to be used by multiple users on the same maschine, it might be a good idea to let each user have his own settings file. This can be done by creating a file in the same folder as JPEGCrops. The file should have the name "UseIndividualSettings.txt". The contents of the file doesn't matter.

When a user starts JPEGCrops for the first time, the JPEGCrops.ini file in the JPEGCrops folder will be used as a template for said users settings. The next time the user starts the program, his own settings will be used.


Freeware for personal use, maybe freeware for commercial use. Confused? So am I. Try visiting the license page.

Linking and copying

You're welcome to link to the JPEGCrops pages - I doubt I'd have any way of stopping you even if I wanted to. A short link to the JPEGCrops pages is If you want to link directly to the ZIP archive, please don't link to a specific version, make a link to instead. That link will always lead to the latest version. The same goes for, which is the installer-version

You're welcome to copy the JPEGCrops to friends. If you want to put a copy on your own webserver you can do that too, but in that case I'd like an email stating the address. I reserve the right to revoke that permission, but that's only in case someone tries something dumb like charging money for the download.