JPEGCrops license

Free beer for the masses

Free for private use

No registration, payment or virgin sacrifices are required as long as JPEGCrops is only used privately.

Probably free for commercial use

I don't read legalese, so I don't really know the answer to this one. I use Borland Delphi 2005 Personal Edition and the interesting part from the license seems to be this one:

2.4 Personal License. The terms of this Section 2.4 are applicable to you only if you have acquired a Personal License, as defined below, for the Personal edition of the Product directly from Borland or a Borland authorized distributor or reseller. Subject to the terms and conditions of this License, Borland grants to you, if you are an individual only ("Named User") a personal, nonexclusive, nontransferable and limited license to use the Product solely to create, compile (including byte code compile), test and deploy, in source or object code form, your own application programs and other works ("Works") solely for personal use. You may use the Product or any Works for any commercial or business purpose ("Commercial Purpose") provided that you are an Individual. Subject to the other terms and conditions of this Agreement, you may distribute your Works to others. If you are an entity, you may not obtain a Personal License.

Since I write JPEGCrops as an individual, it seems to me that it should be okay to use it even for commercial use. As a quick Google-search shows, I am not the only one thinking so. Unfortunately I can't find a clear answer from a Borland-person. I would appreciate it if someone more skilled in the art of license-reading would clarify this.

The safest way to use this program commercially, would of course be to give me a Pro version of Delphi. :-)