Fast and easy cropping of many images

What is this?

This is the main page for RoboCrop, successor to the program JPEGCrops. RoboCrop will provide the same cropping goodness as JPEGCrops and provide some better functionality, that was hard to attain with the JPEGCrops architecture.

What about JPEGCrops?

JPEGCrops will eventually be discontinued. The astute reader will no doubt have noticed that I haven't done much with JPEGCrops for a long time. There are several reasons for this, but mostly it's because it became a chore, instead of a fun thing. The JPEGCrops program will be available "forever", but I'll probably only do bugfixing and no real updates.

What's new, doc?

I've changed to Java (as opposed to Delphi for JPEGCrops) and I'm counting on GCJ & SWT to deliver executables with native GUI. What this means is...


This is where the blog-like thingie comes into play. Down below, I'll write from time to time. Feel free to comment on my ramblings.

Toke Eskildsen
2013-10-23 11:09

That would take far too much energy for me as I am not at all familiar with the IrfanView-API. Besides, it seems that someone else already did it with the plugin jpg_transform.

2013-11-06 18:44

After doing a crop it would be useful to know how the new picture relates to original. For this I would like to know the geometry of new picture(x, y, width, height) as it is displayed before doing crop.
One solution would be to add this to filename,
or as a parameter for a script.

Toke Eskildsen
2013-11-08 19:41

Walter: That one is easy. If/when I open the code again, I'll try to remember to add it.

Denny Mason
2015-01-28 08:10

This is a great program for school photography or any other kind of high volume photography. Would you consider adding a View that includes a head crop circle, in addition to your current Views of Golden Section and Rule of Thirds? Please add me to your update email list. Thanks again for a great program! I have a sample of head crop circles if there is an email address I can send to. Thanks!

Toke Eskildsen
2015-01-30 15:42

Denny: Your idea is fine and had I the energy to revive the code, I would certainly add it.

Eduard Nickel
2015-10-23 10:59

Hi, JPEGCrops is very close to what I need to do with images. But style of work is different from my point of view. JPEGCrops works in "project mode". It takes a lot of memory and time to load all images. Scrolling and setting takes lot of time. And finally you don't know which image is done and which is not :(
I like to work in "human batch mode". At the start I choose only files to work with (files/folder). Program just open image and gives me preferenced crop rectangle. I can change it or move it and confirm it. That is all. Cropped image is saved and next image is loaded with crop rectangle untouched. Quick and efficient. :)
Sometimes image rotating and de-skew would be helpful. :)
How is RoboCrop? I cannot found download and Code stats show very old files. :(

Harry Taylor
2016-11-27 20:22

Could you add 16:9 as a selectable aspect ratio? Or better, input boxes to freely select a ratio of x:y?

But it's a great program!

Toke Eskildsen
2016-11-28 07:06

Harry: JPEGCrops is practically discontinued, sorry. You can add your 16:9-aspect under Preferences.

An input box for the selected image only is a nice idea, if I ever re-start JPEGCrops development.

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