Fast and easy cropping of many images

What is this?

This is the main page for RoboCrop, successor to the program JPEGCrops. RoboCrop will provide the same cropping goodness as JPEGCrops and provide some better functionality, that was hard to attain with the JPEGCrops architecture.

What about JPEGCrops?

JPEGCrops will eventually be discontinued. The astute reader will no doubt have noticed that I haven't done much with JPEGCrops for a long time. There are several reasons for this, but mostly it's because it became a chore, instead of a fun thing. The JPEGCrops program will be available "forever", but I'll probably only do bugfixing and no real updates.

What's new, doc?

I've changed to Java (as opposed to Delphi for JPEGCrops) and I'm counting on GCJ & SWT to deliver executables with native GUI. What this means is...


This is where the blog-like thingie comes into play. Down below, I'll write from time to time. Feel free to comment on my ramblings.

Toke Eskildsen
2016-11-28 07:06

Harry: JPEGCrops is practically discontinued, sorry. You can add your 16:9-aspect under Preferences.

An input box for the selected image only is a nice idea, if I ever re-start JPEGCrops development.

2018-10-29 01:41

This program is great, but I really wish you would have added an anchor to the top left corner of the crop area, or allowed free hand (click 'n drag) selection. Since you have given up on this project, do you know of any other bulk crop programs similar to this one?

Toke Eskildsen
2018-10-29 09:32

Better selection mechanisms, such as the one Gimp/Photoshop uses (the inner border of the selection area expands on mouse-over for easier grabbing) and the ones you suggest, is certainly missing from JPEGCrops.

I haven't kept up with the GUI-oriented graphics world for years, so I have no idea if anyone else has made a better bulk cropping program, sorry.

Martijn Boer
2021-04-29 09:43

Hi Toke,

I just want to thank you for making and sharing JPEGCrops :)

Kamil Fuchs
2023-01-26 16:47

Same, great thanks for your work and sharing it like that!

2023-04-27 08:26

Hi! Thank you for providing unique and beautiful application JPEGCrops for free to the world. I wish to request you to please allow adding a custom naming feature for store selection, so that user might recall the right scaling immediately. i tried editing the ini file but was unsuccessful.

2023-05-10 01:24

I adore JPEGcrops. No other program I've found compares. I was excited to read about RoboCrops, but I haven't seen a place to download it. Is it still under development?

Euclides Franco de Rezende
2023-07-30 11:04

Maintain DPI and Bit depth. I'm using 300 and 8 and when I cut it, it's 96 and 24.
Has as?

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