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New features will be implemented Real Soon Now

I won't make any significant changes to JPEGCrops. Instead I'm working on its successor, which will (probably) be named RoboCrop. It will be a complete rewrite, in order to make it possible to do things like red-eye removal and image resize. It will also be freeware and the interface will be roughly the same as JPEGCrops.

Feel free to make suggestions for RoboCrop features or report bugs for JPEGCrops. If you want an answer to a specific problem, send me an email at

Please take a look at the future page before posting. What you want might be on the wish-list already. You might also want to view the old suggestions.

2014-10-20 14:57

How to add my own selection to all images at once?
so that i can use crop all images option

Toke Eskildsen
2014-10-21 10:16

Use "Synchronized" from the menu. This requires all images to be the same size.

2015-02-12 22:05

I'm using Windows 7. When I try to open images I get "invalid floating point operation" :(

Toke Eskildsen
2015-02-14 02:02

Elmie: I have not seen that one before. I am afraid I can't help with that.

Martin Petersen
2015-06-15 12:26

Great tool! Have one issue though, on one PC (win7). When I open the settings window I cannot resize it, and therefore not "reach" any of the buttons to the right. I had it installed on several other Win7 PCs but this one is giving me trouble. Any idea how I can fix it? Something in Windowns I can reinstall to re-store this functionality?

Toke Eskildsen
2015-06-16 08:14

Martin: Sorry, but I left the Windows world years ago; I only use JPEGCrops under Wine now. I have no idea how standard resize functionality can suddenly be deactivated for a dialog.

There's an old bug where different DPI settings could give trouble. Maybe play around with that as a last resort?

Disable grid / snap
2017-02-28 20:49

Is there a way to disable the grid / snap feature? It seems another comment had the same problem, that cropping or moving a box only snaps to a grid at 16x16 pixels. I would simply like to disable this snap feature.
Thank you

Toke Eskildsen
2017-03-01 11:02

The snap cannot be disabled. It is needed for lossless cropping, which is the whole reason for JPEGCrop's existence.

I realize that the focus on this exact feature might not have been the best one and that it would have been better to make a generic cropper that just happened to support lossless cropping, but snapping is a core part of the program now and is unfeasible to change.

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