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I won't make any significant changes to JPEGCrops. Instead I'm working on its successor, which will (probably) be named RoboCrop. It will be a complete rewrite, in order to make it possible to do things like red-eye removal and image resize. It will also be freeware and the interface will be roughly the same as JPEGCrops.

Feel free to make suggestions for RoboCrop features or report bugs for JPEGCrops. If you want an answer to a specific problem, send me an email at

Please take a look at the future page before posting. What you want might be on the wish-list already. You might also want to view the old suggestions.

2017-08-07 09:17

i have try to do multiple image, by selecting new folder to contain the image.

it happen few of this problem
when i import about 400 image, it stop in about 50 image and freeze, than i change my way, i crop each time, it working well until 80 image also stop, than i only import 30 to 40 image, but than i just realize not every picture is cropped, so we have a result of some cropped some actually just been saved as original

2017-08-07 17:45

hi i just realize, the preview is still the same, but when we open it the size is cropped as it is. i dont know why it happen. is there any missed set up that i made? or anything i need to do to correct the preview to be seen as what we crop (not original file)

Toke Eskildsen
2017-08-08 12:28

Yanto: That was strange. JPEGCrops should attempt to remove the embedded thumbnail. It might work to turn off "Copy Metadata" under Files in the Settings, but that also means that the embedded timestamp and other EXIF-info is removed.

2019-09-30 14:04

windows 10 64bit fully up to date. i was doing a few hundred images maybe a thousand or more, when there was an error saying "maximum number of windows something something reached", during the thumbnails generating stage, and so i clicked ok hoping it would continue anyway, but the progress bar for the thumbnail generating just stayed where it was and did not continue. i clicked cancel but i had to force close it because it did not respond

so i closed it and tried again but the same thing happened it stopped at the same place it did before except without the error message so i couldn't see it again, and again i had to close with task manager. i tried to restart pc to see if i could get the error message again but it did not appear

Toke Eskildsen
2019-09-30 19:51

dan6: Yeah, that's because I did not know that the maximum number of GUI elements are limited (with good reason) when I made JPEGCrops. So it craps out around 200 images (+/- 50, depending on some unknown Widows variables).

Fixing that would require a full rewrite of JPEGCrops and doing that would require me to relearn Delphi and Windows programming, which I stopped doing 10+ years ago. Sorry, but it's not gonna happen.

If you really want to, you can raise the Windows GDI limit and maybe push JPEGCrops to handle something like 800 images. See the article at

2023-04-03 21:16

Hello, congratulations on the program! It's really very good.
I would just like to suggest two features to make it even better.

1 - That the position of the clipping area can be established previously, for example (0,0) without having to do it manually.

2 - It would be great if you could automate the cropping of images from a folder automatically, that is, as soon as the photos are copied to the folder they are automatically cropped.

2023-04-03 21:22

Can i help you to traslate to Spanish?
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2023-04-20 15:47

DNG support would be useful for cropping!

Also "invert" feature for DNG -files would be useful because I digitize negative films. I don't know any software which would support DNG file invert from negative to positive.

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