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I won't make any significant changes to JPEGCrops. Instead I'm working on its successor, which will (probably) be named RoboCrop. It will be a complete rewrite, in order to make it possible to do things like red-eye removal and image resize. It will also be freeware and the interface will be roughly the same as JPEGCrops.

Feel free to make suggestions for RoboCrop features or report bugs for JPEGCrops. If you want an answer to a specific problem, send me an email at

Please take a look at the future page before posting. What you want might be on the wish-list already. You might also want to view the old suggestions.

2013-10-08 17:59

Liked it, was very useful, thx

StartUp Folder
2014-02-14 14:46


Is there any way to set a startup folder for the program?

Toke Eskildsen
2014-02-14 21:42

Sorta, but it is an ugly hack. JPEGCrops remembers the folder it last opened an image from. If you want to make that selection static, so that it does not change if you open images from another folder, you would have to keep a copy of the JPEGCrops.ini file where the right source folder is specified and overwrite the normal JPEGCrops.ini with it, before starting JPEGCrops. One problem is that this means that _all_ settings are fixed, which is normally not something one wants.

It is not that complicated to set up (with apoligies for errors as I am writing this from memory):

Ensure that JPEGCrops.ini remember the source folder you want.
Copy JPEGCrops.ini to JPEGCrops.ini.fixed.
Create a file "JPEGCrops_fixed.bat" in Notepad (you might have to put the name in quotes to ensure that the .bat-part is part of the filename) and store it in the same folder as JPEGCrops.
In JPEGCrops_fixed.bat, write two lines: "cp JPEGCrops.ini.fixed JPEGCrops.ini" and "JPEGCrops.exe".

When you start JPEGCrops_fixed.bat, things should work as intended. You can right-click on the BAT files and check that the BAT-window shpuld be kept minimized.

Caveat: If your JPEGCrops.ini is not stored in the same folder as JPEGCrops, you will have to locate it and perform the copying there.

2014-02-19 11:50

Needs 16:9 monitor format !

Toke Eskildsen
2014-02-19 15:16

That would be a sensible part of the default set, yes. As it is, you will have to add it yourself. Sorry.

2014-03-23 11:48

The sync cropping, doens't seem to work in Windows 7 (64 bits).

Toke Eskildsen
2014-03-23 12:52

Miguel: It requires all the images to be the exact same size (which admittedly isn't the best way of ensure sane crops).

2014-04-06 09:31

Hi, How to automatically close the program after "crop all images" action?

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