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A new hope (for a new name)

Guido Vollbeding who makes JPEGCrop mentioned - very politely - that people could easily mistake our programs. I thought that I was very clever to name my program JPEGCrops in order to say that it was about cropping multiple images, but I do think he has a valid point. A new name for JPEGCrops would probably be a good idea.

I asked for suggestions a while back and I got a lot more replies than expected. So many in fact, that I had trouble deciding. I think it took me a year or so. The new name will be RoboCrop and it will be a complete rewrite of JPEGCrops. It will take a while and I won't make any major changes to JPEGCrops in the meantime. Serious bugs will be fixed though.

I'll leave the suggestions and the comments below. I appreciate the many suggestions. Thanks.

Walter Tross
2004-03-29 00:19

L-crop or L-crops (variations on Lcrop by Bernd Schandl) would sound best to me. Lots of programs crop, but few do it LOSSLESS.
Walter (former 2D animation software specialist, I admit)

2004-04-09 06:14

More suggestions: Crop til you Drop, Crop it all, Auto Crop, Cropfest ( like a festival ), Complete Crop, No Loss Crop, One-stop Crop Shop

Anyways...good luck...old name, new name...this program is the greatest...(Ali Crop like Mohammed Ali - the greatest). Thanks again.

2004-04-11 00:16

My suggestions: MultiCrop, MultiCropper, MassCropper, LosslessCropper

2004-05-11 16:02

Just what I was looking for! I wondered why my original digicam pictures were smaller - I need to crop!
Suggestion: Crop2Print
Feature: custom sizes

2004-05-23 18:58

Crop dead legs

2004-06-06 18:50

I really like the program. It is nearly exactly what I envisioned I would write if I knew the ins and outs of graphics programming. I like the name Crop2print because that is pretty much its mail purpose. Thanks.

Michael, Germany
2004-06-16 10:17

This is what I'm looking for.
JPEGCrops is a fine, small tool.
Thank you !

2004-07-19 02:01

I'm thinking about Crik Crak Crop! which sounds funny and is easy to remember. Or simply Croppez to sound l33t a bit ;)

Krop also maybe, it's proven that any name with a K in it is easier to remember.

2004-07-19 17:42

What a nice program! Found it when surfing through the net on search of tools helping to improve my digitalized slides.
Looking for a new name? JPEGCrops says all, but CropJPEGs might be an alternative.

Jaime from Maine
2004-08-18 00:31

Hey, this is a great program. I wonder if CropMaster or MasterCrop would work for a new name. It is the master of crop software.
2004-08-21 22:14

PrintCrop will be nice. Because of the loss-less nature of this program, the cropped pictures will be suitable to print. Plus printing is the main reason to use this program.

2004-09-15 13:39


Jpegcrop does not 100% what i want.
It does it 200%!!!!! :-)

Searching so long for this tool...
Like it so much

2004-09-16 23:12

Great Tool!
I use Breezebrowser to do most things I need, but batch-crop tool for "Crop2Print" is not included. The same for PSP 7.

I agree with Daan. The name should be Crop2print because thats what it does.


2004-10-18 19:40

A new name: OK - my suggestion - The Crop Factory.

Jeff Mead
2004-11-03 20:50

Great Program. I vote for CropMaster or Crop2print

Jeff Mead
2004-11-03 20:51

Great Program. I vote for CropMaster or Crop2print

2004-11-04 11:09

Use the suggested Print2Crop thats exactly what is does i a very userfriendly way.

2004-11-08 13:19


2004-11-08 14:53


2004-11-09 22:22

I'm surprised nobody suggested CropTastic yet - because that's what it is :o)

J Hallgren
2004-11-29 02:55

As VERY new user, I would suggest keeping JPEG in name since it doesn't do other formats and Crop2Print(,etc) suggests otherwise...maybe JPGcropper?

J Hallgren
2004-11-29 03:04

Sorry! Didn't see the REST of the page when I posted above...about plans to how bout CropAll?
Google shows no obvious conflicts...

2005-03-01 18:01


Edgars, Latvia
2005-05-11 17:16

Thanks. Great Program.

2005-06-08 08:27

I like Crop2print because thats what it does. Great tool.

Elisa Pettersen
2005-08-19 08:29

How about U-crop, Crop-U, or cropomatic?

Martin Yarwood
2005-09-12 16:31

My suggestion= SerialCrops? (not cereal crops)
My vote on those so far = cropTastic
ps thanks for saving me writing a crop tool myself myself)

Josep Valls
2005-10-18 16:45

i like JPEGcrops that way too!

2005-12-31 21:12


2006-03-11 16:36

QuickCrop from the list under fits grate... :)

2008-10-29 02:03

hey guy,i like your software
i have quest for your software , can you add it to .jpg file & folder shortcut menu(right click the .jpg file & folder),then when i want to crop my photos just right click the file , it will be more quickly.

2009-11-05 11:50

I have just found JPEGCrops and am impressed.

I have bought a photo frame which automatically resizes the pictures to an odd aspect ratios so all pictures look strange.

Using JPEGCrops I can make a folder of pictures, bulk crop them to an aspect ratio of 16:9 showing just what I want to see, and then I bulk resize using Visualizer Photo Resize to a size of 720 x 540 (note the change in aspect ratio!), and now the photo frame shows them perfectly.

The photoframe has a native screen size of 480x234 pixels so what the heck goes on inside I don't know!

So many thanks for JPEGCrops, I can now load all the pictures and send them off to my Mother-in-Law so that she can see loads of pictures of her grand daughter.

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