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2004-04-16 00:45

You have made a great job! Now I really save my time. Thank You!!

2004-04-27 19:56

Great product, thanks for bringing us quality freeware!

2004-04-30 16:54

Great program, go on!
I use your program everytime I have to take some photos to a photo-shop for printing them. They want photo in 3/2 aspect ratio and not in 4/3. Is easy and simple with JPEGCrops, and I can also quickly cut out any part of the photo.
I have just spent 1 hour translating about 75% to Italian...

Juan Avellaneda
2004-06-10 23:25

Thanks, Toke. Your program is easy to use and very useful. It´s a really nice tool ! That´s what I´m looking for, I don´t need any huge program.
Regards from Aranda de Duero, Burgos, Spain. Juan.

Margaret Edwards
2004-06-16 04:07

I have just found your site and I think it's great. It is so easy to use. I have told a lot of people about it.
I am making photo albums for my 3 children and 2 grandchildren, I have finished one, which took me ages because I would scan and crop each photo. Now I will be able to finish the others a lot quicker.

In your furture page you mention red eye removal, do you know when it will be avalible

Thanks again

2004-06-21 00:19

Great Program! I have searched a long time. Now i found exaktly what I need :-).

2004-06-21 00:19

Great Program! I have searched a long time. Now i found exaktly what I need :-).

Hans Huver
2004-06-30 15:05

Very handy utility! Thanks!

2004-06-30 16:19

Really good work !!!

Tom E.
2004-07-02 05:08

Thanks for taking the time to make such a great program for
all of us digital camera owners.It works like gangbusters.
Best regards,Tom E.
Fairview Park,Ohio

Nick E.
2004-07-03 01:51


Nick E.
Medina, Ohio

Chris USA
2004-07-05 19:43

This is exactly a program that I have been looking for. It's small, conscise and to the point. thanks so much for this great program!

V.Ts. Pattaya, Thailand
2004-07-06 05:28

I've tested a LOT of Digital Photo software. Your program is certainly No 1 in LOSSLESS cropping. I srongly recommend it to everybody. GREAT JOB!

Gunter Wagner, Hannover, Germany
2004-07-18 12:53

Exactly the program, i have been looking for in order to crop my photos to fit paper-size 4 : 6 of standard printers. Small, quick, lossless, easy to use and without registry impact. I saved a lot of time with my 200 wedding-pics compared to the facilities of my other foto-SW.
Thanks for the good job !!!

Daniel from Poland
2004-07-22 12:14

I have been founding for a long but i founded, JpegCrops.

2004-07-25 16:36

Really a great programm, just what i need for my many pictures. Well done !!

2004-08-10 07:06

Great free alternative for those who can't afford JPEG Wizard, BetterJPEG, etc. Many thanks!

2004-08-14 03:35

This program rocks! I needed something to crop CT scanner images for presentation in powerpoint. This program combined with a powerpoint macro to import multiple images into slides and the presentation almost makes itself.

J Buckle
2004-10-01 01:03

Excellent program, thank you for your hard work!

Bart van Veleen
2004-10-06 16:02

It is a good thing to see a new version released after such long time! I will make some time to translate new options into dutch soon!

2004-10-08 00:57

Great program!!!! No problems yet and love it.
Like to see date captioning and text captioning.

Have a look at http://jdatestamp.sourceforge.net/index.html
to help you with the date captioning. Can it be integrated??

Pieter The Netherlands
2004-12-14 19:34

Thanks man!

2004-12-16 11:33

Very good and free program. Could you think about generating output file with constant pixel size? It would be great for wallpapers, cellphone walls and so one....

Lieven Dick, Belgium
2005-02-26 14:18

This is great. After a search of 4 years, I found finally (nearly) the program I need. After trials of many types of programs I'll ended with irfan just cutting the top of my foto's in a batch system. The nearly is a nedded feature of having minimal and maximal pixels for a photo, asked by our fotoshop.

Thanks a lot,


Toke Eskildsen
2005-02-26 16:26

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by minimal and maximal pixels? Please send an email and elaborate.

2005-03-02 04:17

This is a great program. Any chance to include the date printing feature soon? Thanks. Love your work.

Byron Ferguson
2005-03-10 14:40

The perfect photographer's companion. This program makes it easy to quickly crop all my photos to the various print sizes requested. Good job!

Digital Gadget
2005-03-23 05:27

THANK YOU! This tool saves everyone the things we strive for the most: TIME and MONEY.

When I searched online for "image crop" I got a lot of crop circle photos. That inspired me to suggest the name: "Crop Squares".

2005-07-08 08:42

Excellent Tool. Great interface. Works fast(i had smaller images but lots of them) got my work done real fast. synchronize option is good and then put that option off to custom crop each photo individually.

2005-07-13 07:50

Thank you. I just downloaded your utility and by all appearances this will be a much used tool for developing our pictures going forward.

Lars Møller
2005-08-16 12:35

Thank you for a great piece of software. I've been using it for a couple of years now, and I still find that I get much better pictures by doing that quick crop before sending them in for processing.
http://www.fotomaleren.dk - maleri efter foto

PS: I love the bread recipe, too.

Mike M.
2005-09-25 20:55

What a great program! I have looked a long time for a simple tool like this, and this works so great!

2005-10-19 22:26

I just love this tool. Only problem I have had is when handeling a large number of images. So I've set the box for 90 of 110 images and then something goes wrong - have to start over again. Would be nice to have a "Crop images to here" or "Crop images where box have been changed" option.

A link suggestion: www.photofiltre.com - a free, simple, rather unknown, but yet very good photo editing software.

Don G. Atlanta, GA USA
2005-10-25 04:46

This is a keeper for me. It couldn't have been easier to use. You have saved me a great deal of time. Thanks so much!

Hans Smits
2005-12-12 14:55

I can not think of what could be added to this tool to make it more useful. It just do what it have to do and it does that in a great way. Thanks for sharing this with us. Sometimes I think that you do not fully understand what valuable tool you produced and how much time you saved people around the world with it. Actually each photo tool (like ACDSee, Ulead, Picasa, etc) should have this tool build in. Hans Smits

JohnE, UK
2006-01-08 01:07

Wow, what a great program. I have looked all over but none cut the mustard - until I found this one. Just what is needed. Thank you.

El Bandolero
2006-04-01 12:58

Great piece of software!
If you need help to translate into italian, feel free to contact me:
el_bandolero at libero dot it

Risto, Finland
2006-05-02 11:36

I just wanted to congratulate you for this excellent program; it has been a life-saver!
Good job

2006-07-09 16:21

Great program!!!! No problems yet and love it.
Like to see date captioning and text captioning

2006-07-16 13:51

Trully great invaluable tool. My only request is that the 150 file limit be raised in future versions. Keep up the good work!

Toke Eskildsen
2006-07-16 21:09

The 100-150 images limitation if part of the reason that there haven't been any real updates for a while. Fixing that requires a complete rewrite of the internal workings of JPEGCrops.

Derek Elmore
2006-08-14 23:22

Originally used this just to crop a picture taken with my 4:3 digital camera for use as a desktop background on a widescreen laptop, as my kids looked very odd stretched! Since then I always use it to check

Adding a mirror or flip function (horizontal and vertical) would be good.
I'd also like to use preferences to switch off certain Aspects, but not delete them so I can switch them back on later. eg I will not use Legal or Letter paper often, nor metric photo sizes, but I do sometimes.

Richard Ashford
2006-09-13 22:00

Absolutely fabulous program! This is exactly what I needed - super fast selection, cropping and output - this will save me hours!

Totally outstanding ***** - 5/5 Top Marks!

One feature would be a killer for me (and make it lightening fast to use) - if there was a preference called "No initial crop area" that disabled the inital selection of the whole image for the crop area - that way you could just simply drag a box over the area you wanted, rather than resize the existing box that pre-selects the whole image.

Many, Many Thanks

2006-12-15 19:46

Awsome program, thanks a lot. Love it!

2007-02-01 22:20

This is really a terrific program. Please be sure to at least keep the mode that it has.
It would be nice if it could handle tiffs, especially with the new name. The ability to crop batches easily would be great, and of course there is no need to worry about loss.
There may be a bug if you drag files that are not only jpeg.

2007-06-21 00:55

I love this program. I take a lot of screenscaps from movies, and then batch crop them with jpegcrops, and its just a joy to use !

MIke Panic
2007-08-26 18:42

Great program, I've written a tutorial on how to get better prints from your digital camera and feature JPEGCrops, you can chck it out here: http://www.randomn3ss.com/2007/08/26/how-to-get-better-prints-from-your-digital-camera/

2007-10-03 22:44

Jeg er mundlam.... Det er absolut det bedste program jeg har set længe...

Jeg kunne blive ved med at rose det til skyerne. Jeg har ledt efter et program som dette i meget lang tid, uden held.
Jeg er ekstremt glad for det.

Det er simpel, hurtig, gratis, dansk og det virker bare.

MAX. Point her fra. Godt arbejde.

2007-11-12 22:40

Very nice program - it does what it says on the tin.

I would have liked a non-lossless option because perfect quality wasn't my concern. (I was creating an animation from screen captures and hence needed it aligned to the resolution of the window)

2007-12-18 19:39

A FINE piece of software development! Works better than most overpriced, boxed software. At first I would have liked a help file but after about 45 min of tinkering I no longer need it. GOOD JOB!!!

Christian Brix
2008-03-25 15:05

Hej Toke
Super lille program. Det gør lige hvad jeg har brug for - og jeg kan sende ini-filen til min familie, når jeg skal fortælle dem, hvordan de skal bruge det (eller måske skulle jeg bare pakke hele programmet sammen med ini-filen og forklare dem, hvordan de skal pakke det ud.. :-) )..

Måske skulle man alligevel have hørt lidt efter, da du prøvede at lære os det dersens Java-programmering på IMV engang omkring år 2000.. Så kunne man måske selv lave den slags sjov. :-) Pyt, når du gør det, er der jo ingen grund til vi andre også kan...

Roger Fitton
2008-12-04 01:59

I have a digital picture frame to display all of my pictures throughout the day. It has wide view which is unlike standard photo sizes.

JPEGROPS is easily the best software for trimming groups of photos for display in the frame. It is so much better than software which costs hundreds of pounds.


2008-12-26 16:52

Absolute time-saving genius. Had to crop a few hundred photos to 16x9 for a cheap digital photo frame my grandparents got from Santa. Stormed it with this app. Unfortunately I now have to socialise with the rest of the family having been too vocal about how quickly I'm managing the task. Damn you!

2009-02-08 13:46

I do a ton of lossless cropping. I used to use Irfanviews lossless crop plugin, but this made cropping more than a few images at once impossibly drawn out.

I was searching for a batch lossless crop .dll or source code (i built small utilities for myself) to make a batch lossless trimmer and ended up running into this software (after a few link).

Wow. Not only is the application a much better design than I could have thought of, but the options are great, and loading is fast (I have some 20+MB jpegs). For smaller 3 to 5MB photos, they load immediately, and I can get started on cropping them.

Each preview croppable, file name right there, it couldn't have been designed in a better manner to allow for more efficient cropping.

I am definitely very happy I found this app. Thank you very much for it.

Toke Eskildsen
2009-02-08 14:44

D.S: Thanks for noticing the fast loading. JPEGCrops takes advantage of a property for JPEGs that allows for partial decoding, when the loaded image is to be displayed at a lower resolution. This shows in lower memory usage for huge image loading and in much faster loading than a full decode.

2009-05-03 13:08


As a small hint:
Here is a screencast with JPEGCrops on youtube:

2009-08-23 10:51

Very nice piece of work. Thank you!

Gerard Hynes
2010-01-04 13:07

Brilliant piece of software. Many thanks!!

Roger of Solihull
2010-02-19 13:34

Well done Toke.

A brilliant piece of software which stands alongside Beyond Compare, Bulk Rename Utility, Photoshop as my favourite bits of software.

Keep you spirits, man.

2010-03-08 23:25

This worked brilliantly for a mega panorama I had of a wildebeest migration. The original was too big to upload to Picasa (over 20mb) and I didn't want to get rid of any of the quality so I wanted to just crop it. Worked like a charm and didn't kill the resources like other programs I tried (like Picasa itself). Thanks a ton!

2010-04-11 07:53

Can't find what I'm looking for on Mac. Thought you'd like to know--it works with CrossOver Office (and ostensibly WINE for Mac). The only performance hit seemed to be in startup. Loading images, synchronizing crops, and actually performing them was about as fast as on my Windows 7 machine (which, by the way, runs it without XP compatibility mode).


Mac users, if you have Cross Over 8.0 or above, you're good to go. Now if only I could AppleScript it...

Toke Eskildsen
2010-04-11 11:30

Thanks for the heads-up. I've switched to Ubuntu and use JPEGCrops under Wine myself. On that platform, startup is fast. I find it a bit strange that there is a difference.

2010-06-24 19:43

One of the first programs I loaded into Windows 7 x64. Ran in compatibility mode - works fine. I use it with ACDSee9 for quick and dirty photo editing when I don't want to dig out Photoshop. Love it!

Problem in Windows 7
2010-09-05 21:29

I am using JPEGCrops with Win7 for the first time, and noticed that JPEGCrops is changing the resolution of the images from 300ppi to to 1.5ppi! This is causing lots of issues for me. Any idea how to solve this? (I run it in compatibility mode for XP SP3).

2010-12-04 05:55

Any chance of getting a 16:9 aspect ratio? (for HD screen sizes, of course) Also of interest would be a custom size. My apologies if these exist and I just didn't find them. I am extremely new to the program.

2010-12-04 06:11

Just found how to 'Add...' new aspect ratio definitions according to customizable sizes. Perfect! I posted my previous comment too quickly!

Exactly what I need
2011-01-22 19:56

A Godsend product. Even if the trick is done with simple scripting, the product thought of every needed detail and enabled the user to accommodate it to his very specific needs. I love the fixed pixel preset. I'm currently unemployed but when i get a new job I donate!

Just a note - it took me nice 5-10 minutes to find out I need to hit 'synchronize' in menu, maybe little heads up in help would help.

Do you think you'd be able to do a cropping VDF filter for Virtual dub. THe one that comes with Vdub does do the trick, but if you want your result to be standardized format, let's say 640:480 you have to do it manually - or count the sum of both borders in x, and y sides.

2011-01-27 10:41

thank you nice job

2011-02-15 15:35

The Tool is great!!
BUT: How can I use it within Windows 7 ??? :-(((
Has anybody helpful ideas??
Thank you.

2011-02-15 19:10

Another question to Toke.
I want to keep the correct (original) dpi for my scanned photos in the EXIF-data, so I can see later if I’d scanned it by 1000, 2000 or 3000 dpi. Unfortunately JPEGCrops writes completely wrong dpi in the EXIF data. (556 dpi, 595 dpi, 632 dpi,……. ?????) This raises the question: Does JPEGCrops write only nonsense into the EXIF-Data or modified the tool really the dpi. I'm confused.
Please answer, Toke!!!

Toke Eskildsen
2011-02-16 14:09

Win7: I am a bit surprised that JPEGCrops apparently needs to run i compatiliblity mode. I need to investigate this, but it might be worth selecting User-level settings when installing so that JPEGCrops does not write to the install folder.

DPI: This is a bit fiddly and it seems to mess up the DPI for images from some scanners or cameras. A real solution is not on the immediate horizon, so I recommend turning DPI-tweaking off for those who has problems. If DPI is essential for you, you can tweak the Aspect.settings to adjust the DPI with http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/ after it has been cropped.

Virtual Dub filter: This is not something I'll do. It seems like something that would be trivial to do if you master Virtual Dub and know how to call jpegtran, so I suggest asking a Virtual Dub wizard.

2011-02-18 19:23

Thank you very much, Toke!!
Unfortunately, I do not read quite clearly, whether JPEGCrops writes only wrong dpi into the EXIF-Data???
I must be sure that really nothing is decreased at the picture before I use the EXIF-Tool afterwards to set the correct dpi again.

Could it not be a simple solution if JPEGCrops does not change the Exif-data but keeps as they are?

2011-02-19 13:04

Toke, I've posted on Feb 15th another problem on your "bug-site", but I repeat it here, because you hav'nt seen it there. Maybe you have an idea:
"With me the first picture is never included in the synchron-cut. Only the images from 2nd until the end."
Thank you for an answer!

Toke Eskildsen
2011-02-19 19:32

Lizzy: With regard to the DPI, then I recommend going to Settings | Special and turning off "Update PPI on crop". That ensures that only the jpegtran crop is applied to the image and that EXIF is left untouched.

As for the synchron-cut then it is unforgiven and only works on images of the exact same size.

2011-02-19 23:22

Thank you! It works :-) Fine!
Is there a description how to update the thumbnails? (Those who are also rotated are updated)You wrote: it requires Image Magick, for Windows the Binary Releases, the Dynamic at 8 bits-per-pixel version. A further explanation, I have not found. If the thumbnails would be updated, then everything would be perfect. At the moment, unfortunately I see the uncropped image as the thumbnail.

2011-02-20 19:12

In addition:
I talk about the thumbnails in the windows explorer.

2011-04-01 23:00

I love this program today very, very much.
It has totally saved me today.
Love, love, love!
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-10-19 08:59

Thanks very many.
The program worked like magic.

Much love!!!!!

Danny Riebeek
2012-03-20 22:43

Just downloaded the program, needed to crop 200 images. the usability and functionality is SUPER!!! it is impossible to find any better working program. now i will check the quality.


Danny Riebeek
2012-03-20 22:45

Quality is super! thanks a million

Levent Acar
2012-09-27 18:06

Thank you for this time-saver program.
It works great.
What I couldn't manage is to snap the crop area to the right side. My files are 1980x1080px and I am trying to crop them to 1920x1080px. When I snap the area to right, crop size changes to 1916x1080px. What should I do? Buttons to snap crop area to sides or corners automatically without this distortion would be great.
An other feature that can be useful is the ability to enter how many pixels from each side you want to crop out.

2013-04-16 23:19

Excellent program, I struggled trying to find a way to crop multiple images, you have saved me hours! Thank you.

2013-08-14 17:18

I picked up a 12" x 4" Panorama frame and wanted to crop photos to fit and could not find anything simpler that you can enterand save your own custom crop ratio.
I am donating now!

2014-01-10 07:48

Very nice, save time, and magic. You are not only programmer, you are genius. Good job

2014-01-29 01:27

A shame this project is discontinued... still use it, still love it, and will do for a long time though :)
A hug from me to you

2014-02-19 04:13


Can I ask for a small customization on your jpegcrops for free please?

I need to have a text filed which I can enter the filename! but it already exists, I need an empty text filed under each picture which I can type a name so fast for it without the need of extension, and if it is empty then program will use current name for saving.

What do u think? Can you do it for free please? I really need it :(

Awaiting Your Respond
Kind Regards

2014-02-22 10:47

This is a great program, I just love the simplicity and the power. Is the project now discontinued?

I would be great if support was added for different file types such as PNG. Anybody know of other programs with the simplicity /power of JPEGCrops that support other file types?

Toke Eskildsen
2014-02-23 11:38

Adam: It is practically discontinued as it has been years since I programmed in Delphi and used the Windows platform. The only realistic way forward would be a full re-implementation, but my focus has shifted to server-oriented programming instead.

And yes, lack of support for other image formats is a serious downside to JPEGCrops. It was originally created with a heavy focus of lossless cropping of JPEGs ans as such, the snapping to 16x16 blocks for the upper left corner is hardwired into the program. Adding support for other image types is unfortunately quite a heavy task.

IMO, the signle distinctive feature that still makes JPEGCrops worth using is GUI focus on multiple images instead of just one at a time. To the best of my knowledge, that feature is still unique.

2014-04-29 15:43

With today's megapixel images the world needs JPEGCrops more than ever. I continue to use it as there is nothing else like it that I have found. A bit of a stability issue sometimes but I put up with that for the ease of processing hundreds of images quickly.

Thanks for this software, I wish it could continue.

Toke Eskildsen
2014-04-29 20:51

Ian: Thank you for the kind word. Alas, professionally I am moving further and further away from end-user programs (at least for the desktop), so it seems that JPEGCrops will only continue as long as Windows runs legacy programs.

2014-09-06 23:30

Just donated a few bucks because this program is so awesome! I'm a teacher and use this for batch cropping activity pages, photos, etc. What a time saver. Thanks for the great program!

Toke Eskildsen
2014-09-07 19:42

Thanks a lot, Brad. Both for the donation and the kind words. I am happy that the old program is still being used.

2014-09-07 20:29


How to set crop option to fill whole image? When I drag and drop some images to JPEGCROPS, crop area is middle of some images, I'm looking if possible set crop area to fill whole image at drag and drop and then If I want make crop area smaller. is this possible?

Toke Eskildsen
2014-09-07 20:47

Cuttlas: The initial crop will be the maximum size for the default aspect. If you set the default aspect to "Free" and open an image, it should default to the full image.

2014-09-08 11:55

Thank you Toke Eskildsen, but it is not happening :( Could you please tell me which line in .ini file contains these settings? Maybe I had changed something. What should I do with .ini file to set initial crop area to maximum with Free aspect?

2014-09-13 20:44

What should I do Toke? Please help

Joshua Owoyemi
2015-05-09 04:34

This is a wonderful software.. comes in handy when trying to get some features out of an image.. Would be nice to have the image still open after the crop has been done, in case user still wants to crop more features from the same image.. Good work..
Thumbs up

Toke Eskildsen
2015-05-09 13:41

Thanks, Joshua. If you hold down CTRL and press Enter, the image will stay open.

Eduard Nickel
2015-10-23 11:25

I found some cropping software click2crop (shareware), QuickJPEGresizeAndCrop (qjrc), imageclipper.
Each of them is very close to my need but each misses something.
click2crop is (best) but shareware trial
qjrc don't remember crop area after crop
imageclipper shows full size image to crop

Tony Armitstead
2016-01-30 16:26

Very handy for cropping scanned music. Saved me loads of time so have a pint (of beer or whatever) on me. Thanks.

Toke Eskildsen
2016-02-01 19:42

Thank you, Tony.

A. Happy. Review
2017-05-09 06:27

This was just what I was looking for! I was trying to find for hours something that would allow me to crop multiple images at once using the same crop for each image. I can't believe all those editing and cropping sites didn't have this feature. Thank you!!!

Nice nirvana reference up there btw :p

2019-08-18 21:52


I want to appreciate your work. Although your tool is too old, it saved my day!

Best Regards,

2019-12-16 14:32

Just want to thank you for this piece of 'programming art'. It saved me a lot of time (for example: cropping a portrait shoot with hte same pose using the synronized crop feature). I only wish it would have more shortcuts (for different ratios). Yes, I know....development ended :o(
Still my No.1 cropping tool.

2020-01-08 22:03

Great program, small but works pefectly.