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Support The Starving Artists

Most online comic strip artists make money by showing banners. The obvious solution to the Starving Artist problem is to display these banners along with the comic strips. There are different ways to do that:

Just Do It

Just like Comic Fetch extracts information about the images, it extracts information about the banners. The problem with this approach is that banners have a habit of changing, which means there's a lot of work maintaining Comic Fetch. Another problem is that special offers or messages from the artists are lost.

I'm slowly going through all the comics to see if I can add their banners to the generated HTML-page.

Use HTML-snippets

The artist can create a file, which contains the HTML to insert into the page that Comic Fetch creates. That means zero maintenance of Comic Fetch and freedom for the artist to insert other messages than just banners.

This would require a minimum of extra work for the artist.


The use of RDF would make it possible for the artist to deside where to place banners, where to put special messages, what the backgroundcolor should be (for the relevant part of the whole page) and so on.

The downside to this is that it requires the artist to write the RDF-file. This isn't rocket science, but it's still something new to some artists.

How to cooperate

Right now I haven't implemented the RDF-idea yet, but the HTML-snippets are working.

Should you want to see how this could work, create a file containing the HTML for the banner, personal message or whatever you want to show along with your comic. Send me the URL to that file and I'll make Comic Fetch insert the HTML when it generates the page.

An example of such a file would be:

<!-- Monkey Ad Script Start -->
<P ALIGN=center><A HREF="">
ALT="Please click the banner" WIDTH=600 HEIGHT=48></A></P>
<!-- Monkey Ad Script End -->
<P>At the <A HREF="">homepage for
SuperComic</A> you can buy Megatron Man Coffee Mugs.</P>

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