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A big hello to the recent visitors from several forums. You're probably visiting because you read an article by Wish3 LJ/Songblade. If you are, I'd like to draw your attention to two factual errors he/she made:

  1. Massdownloading of comics isn't stealing. It might feel like stealing, but it isn't. A more correct term might be "performing unwanted downloads", but it doesn't sound as good, when raising the mood for a good lynching.
    If anyone feel the need to correct my correction, please state why it is illegal.
  2. I'm not hosting any downloaded comics on my website. I don't distribute other peoples images. If you take a look at the pages, you can check for yourself.
    The only comic, if you can call it that, is the single panel I made myself for demonstration purposes. Now, if I did provide public access to downloaded strips, it would clearly be illegal.

I'm quite willing to discuss this matter openly and would appreciate any pointers for an appropriate forum for doing that.

However, I better make it clear that I do have the disturbing habit on insisting on calling thing what they are and to point out factual errors when I see them. So pretty please, if someone wants to discuss this, please use real arguments instead of empty accusations.

- The Turd


Comic Fetch eases the reading of online comic-strips. Instead of clicking through 10 different pages, in order to read the latest funnies, you can just start this program and ask it to fetch the strips for you. The program is free as in free beer.

Technical & download

Windows95+ or NT4+ is required to run this program, 16bit/24bit colors are recommended.

I have been questioned if this program is legally and morally acceptable. I've decided to stop any distribution until I have investigated this matter further.

Screenshots from version beta

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Jakob Juul Larsen
For moral support
Anders Kjaer Sloth
For suggestions to graphical frontend and extra functions
Jens Hofman Hansen
For numerous suggestions to graphical frontend and extra functions
Hanne Skipper J°rvang
For accepting that sometimes a boy has got to spend an awful lot of time, doing stuff-with-computers
Franšois Piette
For the ICS HTTP-component
Marty Yawnick (
For the Zoink Fat font
Pablo Iranzo Gˇmez
For definitions of spanish comics

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