YA Singlehanded Input Device - technical

Toke Eskildsen


This is a schematic of the hardware part of Yashid, or more to the point: How to build a Yashid-device that can be connected to a PC parallel port.

It is assumed that the reader is familiar with idea behind Yashid.

PC parallel port

A PC parallel port (sometimes known as the printer port) can be hard to define. Various enhancements have been introduced since the original IBM-PC Parallel Port. Fortunately the original specification allows for 5 digital inputs, which is just what Yashid needs. The newer PS/2, EPP or ECP standards aren't required.

Schematic for Yashid parallel connection
[Parallel port]
Parallel port, PC side.
Pin Name Description Used for
10 /ACK Acknowledge Button 0
11 BUSY Busy Button 1
12 PE paper End Button 2
13 SEL Select Button 3
15 /ERROR Error Button 4
18 GND Signal Ground Ground


In order to test more than one prototype, a simple 6 pins connecter is placed between the parallel port connector and the Yashid device. The parallel port side used a female connector and the Yashid device used the corresponding male connector.

Schematic for Yashid pin connector
[6 pin connector]
Female connector (parallel port side)
Pin Used for
1 Button 1
2 Button 2
3 Button 3
4 Button 4
5 Button 0
6 Ground


In order to raise a signal on the in-pins on the PC Parallel Port, a connection to Ground is needed. There is no need for resistors for that sort of connection, so a simple switch is enough.


The information above should not be regarded as a guide for building devices that connects to the parallel port. The author takes no responsibility for damages caused by following the instructions above.

Toke Eskildsen, 8. may 2001