Yashid (Yet Another Single Handed Input Device)

Toke Eskildsen

[Yashid Screenshot] Yashid is a project for the course User Interfaces for Mobile Devices, spring 2001, Århus University.

Yashid is intended for users of mobile devices that needs to enter text. Said users must be willing to follow a steep learning courve in order to achieve good writing speed. Estimated target audience is teenagers using cellular phones for SMS-messaging.


The latest version of Yashid is 0.3.6 and can be downloaded as Yashid20020104.zip (200KB). Features include:

If Yashid is to be tested with the artifact, DriverLinx (1.5MB) needs to be installed. DriverLinx is a freeware driver for the parallel port.

To experiment with Yashid without the artifact, use the buttons a-s-d-f or f5-f6-f7-f8 on the normal keyboard. Click with the mouse just right of the reminder to change settings for yashid.

Toke Eskildsen, 4. jan 2002