An exercise in wishful thinking


Rotocawa is meant to be a shootergame - fly your spaceship around the galaxy and blast the aliens. It is heavily inspired by two games: Transplant and Xenon 2, both from the golden Amiga-days.

[Transplant screenshot] Transplant is a classic shooter, with a twist: Instead of doing normal scrolling, the player rotates the whole world (the stars and the enemies), when he tries to turn his ship. This gives the game an unique feel, which I like very much.

The game is great, but it has certain shortcomings:

Xenon 2 is an even more classic shooter: You fly your spaceship in a vertically scrolling world, and blast away at all kinds of enemies. The game is great and has a wide range of powerups and aliens.


The idea behind Rotocawa is to combine the rotating idea of Transplant, with the enemies & powerups from Xenon 2. Or more to the point: To take the Transplant-idea and add a lot of new enemies & weapons.

The computerplatform so far is WindowsNT (which, in this case, also means Windows95/90 and 2000).


Well, there's not much to look at, but since you insist!

Questions & answers

Q: Where can I download the game?
A: Well, you can download Rotocawa (760KB), if you want to, but at the moment, you can't really play it.

Q: What? Can't play?
A: Yes. You can fly a ship around and blast aliens, but it's not at all game-like..

Q: When will you finish it?
A: Probably never. I'm just experimenting. I think it's more important to collect a lot of the ideas, that makes a great shooter. Maybe someone can use them to make a game someday.

Q: You talked about enemies?
A: Yeah, um... Well, for now, you can take a peek at my alien-list. It's very work-in-progress like.

Q: This is boring, give me some porn instead!
A: No problem. Try visiting Pleasure-zone.

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