Purpose & motivation

[MyRes 0.3]

To make it possible for each user on a Windows maschine to have separate display settings. My girlfriend likes the display setting to be 1280x1024 pixels, I like it to be 1600x1200. I couldn't find any program that offered that capability, so I made my own.

Download & distribution

MyRes is freeware: Download version 0.3.
Requirements are 32 bit Windows (Win95/98/2000 etc.) and a proper setup of monitor and videocard. MyRes allows the user to choose among all possible display configurations that the system reports - if your system believes it can run 2048x1600 on your 15" monitor, MyRes will happily comply. That means your monitor can be damaged by improper use. Disclaimer: Use this program at your own risk.

You're quite welcome to give this program to your friends, but please don't put it on a webpage or a CD-ROM. MyRes isn't a final product yet.


Normal mode

Place a shortcut to MyRes in the Startup-folder. Check the "Remember settings" box and minimize the program. An icon will appear in the Tray.

Each time you log on to the computer, MyRes will restore your personal display settings.

Command line

[Specifying command line arguments]

If you don't like having MyRes running in the background, you can specify your favorite display settings using command line arguments. These can be entered on the (duh) command line or in the properties dialog for the shortcut to MyRes. The possible arguments are:

The screenshot to the right shows how to specify a size (a.k.a. resolution) of 1280x1024 pixels, a refreshrate of 85Hz and a display depth of 32 bits (16 million colors). When the user logs in, MyRes will change the display settings to the ones specified and will exit immediately after that.

If you skip one or more of the arguments if you like: If you're currently running 1280x1024 in 16 bit and you call MyRes -d32 the display will be set to 1280x1024 in 32 bit.


MyRes was developed in Delphi 5. It stores its settings in the registry at the location HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Toke\MyRes.

Future development

[Made by Toke] Maintained by Toke Eskildsen (, Last changed 10. june 2001