Migration of data from PicaJet to digiKam

What is this?

PicaJetToDigiKam is an Open Source program that takes your tags and ratings from PicaJet FX and adds the information to a digiKam 0.10 database.

Now, why do we want to do this data transfer?

PicaJet FX (http://picajet.com) is a payware program that has a rather slick interface and works okay for tagging. It is also crash-prone, does not scale well (at least not to the 50.000 images I have) and updates have been very slow the last couple of years.

Time to move on. As an old PicaJet-user I like digiKam, so you might also want to give it a shot. The beauty of digiKam is that with KDE 4, it now runs under Linux, Windows and OSX.


Download & instructions

Download the ZIP-file, unpack it and read the readme.txt.


This is not a polished product. I hacked at it until it was capable of migrating my data, Use it at your own risk and feel free to take the source and make it better.