Dental Floss

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[Picture of Kenth Hwam]

[Picture of jannie Rasmussen]

This story takes place sometime in the year 1996. Unfortunately I can't remember the date. At that time i lived at Skjoldhøjkollegiet together with 11 other people. One of these people was Kenth Hvam, another was Jannie Rasmussen.

One day Kenth and I was sitting in our living room. We bugged each other and were generally bored. It was the kind of day that screamed for something to happen.

We got lucky! In walked Jannie, the soon-to-be answer to our prayers. She showed us a roll of dental floss, that she had just bought: 100 meters.
Now that's a lot of dental floss!

An evil plan hatched in the murky depths of my subconsciousness and apparently Kenth had the same dirty mind. We played innocent little boy scouts and waited for her to go to work. Then we went into action!

Just thinking of Jannie discovering her room was enough to pull us through the day.

The clock became Late and I went to my room to read some stuff.
Suddenly i heard some noise. It sounded like girls. I heard them talking & walking. Then I heard a door opening. Silence. Laughter. A cry: "It's dental floss!".
Needless to say, I had a good laugh!

1 point for the boys, one to go...

Kenth (the sneaky bastard) went to Jannie's room, acting surprised. He went "wow, cool, ha ha" and then asked "Who could've done this?", "Do you have any suspects?". Jannie answered "Yes, one!".
That's all fine and dandy, but then she made a mistake. She told Kenth that she & the other girls would go to the bar. When she came back, she would pour ice-water into my bed!

The girls went to the bar and Kenth phoned me. That's what friends are for!

[Crude drawing of Tokes room]

In order to understand the fine point of the following joke, it might be necessary to pause for a moment and watch this beautiful drawing of my room. I would like to point your attention to the fact, that I've spend a full 3 hours in Photoshop making the picture!

I went to my toilet and filled a bucket with water. Then i went to sleep.
What? Sleep?
Yep! No fun in playing pranks, if you're not a sport, right?

At about 3.30 I was standing in my bathroom with a filled bucket in my hands. Then I woke up. Apparently I had jumped out of bed the moment i heard some noise...
The two inner doors were open, but it was dark enough for me to avoid being seen.

I heard a lot of noise now. Girls giggling, someone walking around, the loud sound of somebody trying to find ice cubes in the freezer, more walking and then a loud schhhh followed by silence and the sound of someone sneaking.

The outer door opened and I could see a shadow walking by. The shadow didn't notice me and I didn't do anything. I then heard the sound of someone yanking the sheets from my bed.

Based on a later conversation with Jannie, I now know that she was thinking "Blast! He's sleeping with his girlfriend. Coward!". She moved towards the outer door and when she was right outside the open door to the toilet, the thought struck her "No he's not! He's somewhere around here!".

That's when the water hit her.

Okay, so the three people awakened were a little pissed. Apparently they hadn't planned on any screaming girls in the middle of the night...

2 points for the boys!

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